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Statmon Technologies offers extended support services for all our core software applications.

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You are now the proud owner of the best suite of monitoring and management software and have exhausted your options with documentation. If you need more, you may want to consider StatCare™ Support.

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StatCare™ Support


Broad-based answers to the most common questions including system requirements, basic connections to a site, voltage requirements, installations, etc..

How do I contact Support?

Either by telephone, +1 (888) 418 3646, or via e-mail. An e-mail request is immediately forwarded to all Support staff and management, while a telephone call to our main number may be placed into a queue. E-mail offers the ability to submit your inquiry without the time constraint of a voice-mail or answering service limitation. Contact us via email at support@statmon.com; or, more quickly using the form at left.

Will Statmon perform my installation?

On-site installation is available from Statmon. Charges vary depending on the location and the number of sites.

Does Statmon Offer a Support Contract?

Support periods are for one (1) year, with automatic 1-year extension upon payment of Statmon Renewal Invoice, prior to lapse of current period. Customers may purchase multiple-year periods, with payment on an annual basis. Support Base Price is generally quoted in the initial System(s) purchase Quotation. With any systems or licenses additions, the additional cost above the Base System Support is typically 15% of the additions cost.

What are the minimum system requirements-RAM, Processor speed, Hard Drive space?

The minimum PC machine requirements are an Intel Core2 Duo, with a 1.2-Ghz or faster processor, 1-GB RAM (2-GB is recommended, more if using large numbers of channels, extensive OVIs and the like), 20 GB hard disk, 1-serial Port (USB port optional), Ethernet 10/100 card, sound card, 1280x1024 or higher resolution monitor, PS2 mouse, 101-key keyboard, 40x CD-ROM drive, Internet Explorer 5.5 or later (recommended for installations). Microsoftš Message Queuing Services must be installed and running (depending on Axess Version purchased), and must have Administrative privileges on the system.

How do I connect to remote sites?

Remote Axess sites can be accessed via TCP/IP, over LAN/WAN; via 2-wire dial or 4-wire dedicated telephone lines; via dedicated fiber, microwave or satellite links; or via broadband cable or wireless c circuits. It is recommended that the user also establish a secure VNC/ VPN connection.

What is the maximum number of sites that I can connect to from a monitoring site?

The number of sites you can connect to depends on the number of remote site connections purchased for each Axess license. When configuring for a NOC environment, other considerations will apply, please contact Statmon.