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Statmon Technologies Corp.


736 N Western Avenue, #385
Lake Forest, IL, 60045

Long Beach

5318 E 2nd Street, #702
Long Beach, CA USA 90803-5354


50 West Liberty Street, Ste.880
Reno, NV USA 89501

+1(847) 604 5366 MAIN
+1(847) 604 5395 FAX
+1(847) 604 5366 Opt.1 Sales
+1(888) 418 3646 Support

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Salt Lake City, UT 84121
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Symbol: OTC:STCA


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Statmon Network Management and Control Solutions Provider

IPTV, Telecom, Broadcast and Related Markets Use Statmon for Total Control

Statmon Technologies Corp. is a wireless network and infrastructure technology management and solution provider. Our proprietary flagship software application, Axess™, and supporting integration products are deployed by telecommunications, broadcast navigation aid operators to optimize the performance of their infrastructure and wireless transmission networks at remote sites.

We continue to strategically expand the resources at the Company in anticipation of rapid growth into the wireless infrastructure, telecommunications, building management and navigation industries where the Company has identified strategic opportunities for our flagship Axess™ network facilities management and remote site software. We also have increasing dialogue with corporate, military and government infrastructure entities that offer Statmon Technologies substantial new business development opportunities in the very near future and beyond.