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Monitor LPM data integrity

This unique, first-to-market monitoring software monitors Nielsen® Local People Meter (LPM) data and alerts the user of any discrepancies, thereby insuring accurate ratings.

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Accurate™ QuickStart Guide

A quick start guide for Statmon Technologies' solution for monitoring LPM data.

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Guaranteed LPM data integrity

Accurate™is Statmon Technologies Corp. latest network-based system of software and hardware components for monitoring Nielsen® LPM data integrity via communication with the Norpak® Universal Reader (NUR) or alternative decoding methods.The Accurate™ product suite exploits the power of Statmon Technologies Corp. core platform, Axess™ and Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity for the ultimate monitoring solution and ease of integration

Real-time, accurate LPM monitoring

With Accurate™ station, engineering and programming management can simultaneously monitor encoded LPM data on a real-time second by second basis and rely on Accurate™'s alarm notification and fault recovery capabilities when inconsistencies in that encoded data arise.

Protect revenue streams

Accurate™ finally gives the broadcaster and content provider the ability to independently monitor and log encoded LPM data to ensure accuracy and protect marketability to local and national advertisers thus protecting those revenue streams.

Stand-alone or integrated within an Axess™ management network

Accurate™ can be easily integrated into existing Axess™ management networks or be deployed as a stand-alone service giving you the flexibility to fit the solution to your needs.

Additional Features and Information

Full Event Logging

Alarms Management

Root-cause analysis

Utilizes existing data paths

Multi-user operation with user-defined access and control

Integrated SQL database

Enhanced Security

System Logs

Preconfigured solution

Automated software updates