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UI-Driven remote access client

Our thin client connects remotely to the primary Axess point and presents the aggregated data in a visual interface to the user, while simultaneously allowing full or limited operator control.

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rOVIng™ QuickStart Guide

A quick start guide for Statmon Technologies' "thin client" remote monitoring solution

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Remote Monitor. Remote Control.

rOVIng™ Client Software was designed with operators in mind. With a customizable graphical user interface, rOVIng™ allows you to monitor and control an unlimited number of sites by connecting to a primary machine running Axess™ or Axess NOC™.

Remote Access

Using rOVIng™, operators can connect remotely to the primary monitor point and monitor both local parameters and the parameters of all connected sites and exhibit control over the entire infrastructure as well. Broadcast remote control has never been more powerful or convenient!

Create Unique Graphical Interfaces

Easily customize the graphic interface to display data in a format that best fits your workflow and allows your operators, technical, and operations personnel to be presented with the data and control they require in a manner that allows them to work at the highest efficiency level possible.

OVI Sample - Facilities Management:

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Mobile Acess

With the ability to port all data and interfaces directly to virtually any 'smart' mobile device whether you are in Master Control, Operations Center, or anywhere else you always have your operation in hand!

Additional Features and Information

OVI Objects

Analog/Digital Graph Meters

Status Buttons

Control Buttons

Dynamic Pictures

Video Streaming

Adobe® Flash® Objects

Radar Maps

Acknowledge Bars

Drill-down Buttons

Information Channels